Deadlift Socks

Deadlift Socks

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Premium long socks to cover the shin during pulling movements, designed to cover the shin without a turnover. The tight-knit fabric minimizes drag and the double-knitted front panel protects the shin during pulling movements.

Knitted in Great Britain, each of our socks is a bespoke product designed with strength training in mind, from form to function. 

  • Increased lateral stretch in the calf.
  • Tight-knit fabric to minimize catching on the bar.
  • Ribbed sole for traction within the shoe.
  • Sold as a pair.
  • Manufactured in Great Britain.

Socks can not be returned or exchanged.

 Size Shoe Size (Men's) Shoe Size (Women's) Shin Length (in)
S <6 <7.5 15.75
M 5-9 6.5-10.5 18
L 8-12 9.5-13.5 19.75
XL 11-15 12.5-16.5 20.75
2XL 14+ 15.5+ 21.75


The deadlift sock sizing is based on shoe size and preferred sock length, which can be measured from the floor up to the top of your shin.

Choose a size that suits both measurements.

If you have large calves, we recommend going up a size.

We recommend washing the socks in water no higher than 104°F (40°C), as this will ensure longevity of the material and prevent any potential shrinkage from high heat.

Allow the socks to air dry after washing. We strongly recommend against putting the socks through a machine dryer as the heat can affect the material of the socks.

Customer Reviews

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Christian Cotton

Great socks!

Greg Tutunjian
Exceptional Quality and Purpose

I just ordered my second set of 3 pair. My primary interest in (any) powerlifting socks was to keep heat in my calves. (I don't scrape my shins...but maybe when I grow up!) I'm training per a Powerlifting Program and have found these socks far superior to the tights I had been using for the same purpose. The combination of these socks + SBD Knee Sleeves does it all for me, now. (I wear insulated shorts to "top off" my legs.

It's chilly in my basement this time of year, and I'm using my lower body more (and more) as I improve my form and diversify my training. These fit per the Product Size instructions. I purchased a second set of 3 to (attempt to) extend their lifetime as I rotate my workout clothes.

Highly Recommended!

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