Defy Knee Sleeves
Defy Knee Sleeves
Defy Knee Sleeves
Defy Knee Sleeves
Defy Knee Sleeves
Defy Knee Sleeves

Defy Knee Sleeves

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Manufactured with high grade 7mm neoprene, designed to minimize the risk of injury and to aid performance.

Relied on by strength athletes around the world, these 7mm knee sleeves are ideal for powerlifting and heavy training. 

Defy is a limited edition collection, offering the same performance and manufactured to the same high standards as our classic product line.

  • Sold as a pair.
  • IPF and USPA approved and USAPL and IWF compliant with the maximum allowable 30cm length.
  • 7mm high grade neoprene for maximal support.
  • Reinforced seam construction to maximize longevity.
  • Patented design.
  • Manufactured in Great Britain.
 Size Knee Joint (cm) Knee Joint (in)
3XS 23-25.5 9-10
2XS 25.5-28 10-11
XS 28-30.5 11-12
S 30.5-33 12-13
M 33-35.5 13-14
L 35.5-38 14-15
XL 38-40.5 15-16
2XL 40.5-43 16-17
3XL 43-45.5 17-17.9
4XL 45.5-48 17.9-18.9
5XL 48-51.5 18.9-20.3


Measure the circumference of your knee joint with your leg out straight, keeping your muscles relaxed.

Measure around the center of your kneecap (at the patella), and around the thickest part of your calf. If your calf is more than 1.6in larger than your knee, then you may wish to size up to ensure a good fit.

If you are new to wearing knee sleeves we recommend going with the recommended fit instead of sizing down, especially if you fall on size medium or smaller.

We recommend hand washing your knee sleeves with water or a mild detergent (or a specialist neoprene/wetsuit detergent), then allow the sleeves to air dry standing up.

The spin cycle of a washing machine can damage the sleeve, as the knee sleeves become quite bulky when wet and can potentially get caught up or damaged by wringing. High heat from a washing machine or a dryer will degrade the rubber in the sleeves (potentially causing shrinkage or brittleness).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
no more knee pain

These are great I had them for a little over half a year and have eliminated my knee pain after or during squatting there a little pricey but are a great investment.

Very satisfied 👌🏽💯

As recommended to me by my much stronger powerlifting friend (he has 4 pairs of these) - they feel amazing and do the work for you. I've squatted without knee sleeves for the entirety of my lifting career and didn't realize what an advantage these give vs going bare. Only 1 helpful con I can write about this is that the 'black' color that you see in the picture is actually a really, really dark midnight blue. You'll start to see it that way depending on how much light your gym has but yeah - not enough for me to not give it 5 stars. Personally I wish it was just black but functionality wise I have nothing bad to say about them. I'm 5'9" 182lbs and size M fit tight + true to size the way they're supposed to be


Like any other SBD knee sleeve, its super comfortable, breathable, and gives me the feeling of secureness. I bought a new pair of sleeves due to my old pair, the original SBD, being too much of a pain to put on now (the old pair was a size under for extra tightness). I ordered the Defy pair at the intended size and its been amazing for destroying accessory work for legs, and the unique colours also gives some flare to it. Only had it for a while, so I cannot give a review in wear and tear, but I assume it would be exactly the same as fhe original SBD knee sleeves. I would reccomend.

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